Zhangzidao zhangzidao has mortgaged the sea scallop chattel and obtained 90 million yuan financing from Minsheng Bank

Zoneco Group Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhangzidao Company) has recently secured a 90 million yuan mortgage from The Dalian branch of China Minsheng Bank Co.,Ltd., according to a reporter from www.thepaper.cn.

According to a chattel mortgage registration dated September 4, Roebuck island company the mortgage of shrimp yi scallops for Numbers for liao (2018) changhai property rights, liao (2018) no. 10900620 changhai property rights, liao (2018) no. 10900621 changhai property rights, liao (2018) no. 10900622 changhai property rights, liao (2018) no. 10900623 changhai property rights, liao (2019) no. 10900624 changhai property rights, liao (2019) no. 10900710 changhai property rights, liao (2019) no. 10900706 All submarine inventories in the sea area under the “Certificate of real Estate Rights of the People’s Republic of China” of Changhai County Real Estate Rights No. 10900709, Liao County Real Estate Rights No. 10900707, Liao County Real Estate Rights No. 10900711 (2019).

The so-called “chattel mortgage”, as a kind of guarantee means, is to point to the debtor or the third party with its own chattel, in the case of the transfer of possession to provide the guarantee form of mortgage. In the event that the debtor defaults, the mortgagee shall have the right to be repaid with respect to the sale price prior to other claims, or be repaid with the mortgaged property at a discount as agreed with the mortgagor.

A reporter from www.thepaper.cn inquired about the registration system of chattel mortgage under national market supervision and found that Zhangzisao Company has made four chattel mortgages with main seafood such as scallops and sea cucumber in the past two years, and accumulated financing of about 250 million yuan.

For example, in September 2019, I obtained a loan of 100 million yuan from The Dalian Branch of China Minsheng Bank With 850 million Shrimps as collateral. In May 2020, obtained a loan of 11 million yuan from Dalian Changhai Branch of Agricultural Bank of China With 110,000 jin of sea cucumber as collateral. In June 2020, it obtained a loan of 49.5 million yuan from The Changhai Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Co., Ltd. with 7.7 billion shrimps and scallops as collateral.

The latest chattel mortgage, which took place in September, differs from the previous one in that it was secured by seafood in good condition, instead of underwater stocks.

It should be noted that zhangzidao Group zhangzidao Group has suffered from natural disasters in recent years, which has gradually reduced the support for the company’s overall income and profitability. In 2014 and 2017, zhangzidao Company suffered from two large-scale abnormal scallop stocks, and last year, it was reported that there were large-scale deaths of zhangzidao Scallop planting in late 2019.

According to zhangzidao Company’s 2019 annual report, due to the mass death of Zhangzidao scallop, the company’s operating performance again suffered a relatively large loss, including a loss of 392 million yuan last year.

Zhang Zidao Company stated in its semi-annual report for 2020 that it will speed up the adjustment of the industrial structure, product structure and organizational structure of Marine ranching to reduce the uncertain risks brought by the large-scale subplanting of Zhangzidao scallop. Starting from 2020, the plant-seeding scallop was adjusted from the stage of scale development to the stage of pilot test and exploration, and the offshore exposure risk was gradually closed.

In recent years, the “life and death drama” about Zhangzidao Group zhangzidao Farmed scallop has been staged one after another, and the reasons of “running away” and “starving to death” have emerged in an endless succession. In June this year, the China Securities Regulatory Commission issued an “administrative punishment decision” against Zhangzidao, confirming the existence of illegal facts such as false records in the company’s annual report.

According to the investigation by China Securities Regulatory Commission, zhangzidao Group zhangzidao Co., Ltd. made an inflated profit of 130 million yuan in 2016, accounting for 158% of the total disclosed profit in the current period. In 2017, the profit was reduced by 280 million yuan, accounting for 39% of the total disclosed profit in the current period.

At the same time, the CSRC issued a “ban letter” on the entry of Zhang Zidao Group’s senior executives, Including Wu Hougang, Liang Jun, Gou Rong and Sun Fujun, and took a lifetime ban on the entry of Zhang Zidao Group’s former chairman wu Hougang.

On September 11, China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) announced that the behavior of Swerdisland Company was suspected to constitute the crime of illegal disclosure and non-disclosure of important information. According to the Provisions on the Transfer of Suspected Criminal Cases by Administrative law enforcement organs (Order no. 310 of the State Council), the CSRC has decided to transfer the securities crime case involving Zhangzidao and related personnel to the public security organs for criminal responsibility according to law.

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