Yunnan: All levels and localities have entered a state of “war” to strictly prevent the importation of coVID-19 from overseas

On September 19, the Leading Group headquarters of the Provincial Party Committee and Government for CoVID-19 Response held a video dispatching meeting to analyze the current epidemic prevention and control situation and make arrangements for further prevention and control work in Yunnan province.

Provincial committee and the standing committee of the provincial party committee, executive vice governor, outbreak response work leading group battalion commander ZongGuoYing chaired the meeting, vice governor and response to the outbreak of sichuan provincial committee work leading group headquarters, deputy commander of a bugle call in the main venue to attend the meeting, vice governor and response to the outbreak of sichuan provincial committee work leading group headquarters, deputy commander Li Ma Lin in ruili front command at the venue to attend the meeting.

The meeting heard reports on the epidemic prevention and control work of ruili forward Headquarters and Menghai, Tengchong, Hekou and Pu ‘er, and the working groups of the headquarters made arrangements for specific work. The meeting stressed that the introduction of the epidemic in Myanmar has sounded an alarm bell, and officials and the public should learn from it. They should not be negligent or paralyzed in thinking. All border states (city), county (city) to quickly to unify thoughts and actions to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, conscientiously implement the provincial party committee, the provincial government recently on epidemic prevention and control work deployment requirements, along the border to prevent foreign input as the pinnacle of the current epidemic disease, take forceful measures to loopholes in epidemic prevention and control of the border wall, strict character overhead, with sympathetic rein, defend, one thousand ways to stop the epidemic in the bay.

The meeting called for reflecting on the shortcomings and shortcomings of the epidemic, drawing lessons from them, summarizing successful practices and experiences at a faster pace, and developing a scientific, reasonable, responsive and efficient working mode, so as to provide guidance for other border counties (cities) in their prevention and control efforts. All localities should adhere to unified leadership, command and action, enter a state of “wartime” in an all-round way, and work tirelessly to tighten border control and control. To layers of pressure is a responsibility, strengthen the communist party zone between the people and spreading mechanism, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the masses, strengthen community grids management, strict implementation of the “package bag section of the envelope”, “long long running time” responsibility system, and weave dense epidemic prevention and control network, build a border effectively between staying duty, between staying responsibility and obligation between staying. We must adhere to the bottom line thinking, strengthen emergency preparedness, ensure that the first response, the first time to implement a strong, orderly and effective disposal, and do our best to prepare for a tough battle.

(Original title: Special video Scheduling Meeting of the Leading Group headquarters of The Provincial Party Committee and Government for Epidemic Response stressed the responsibility of compaction and implementation measures to keep the door open)

Source: Yunnan Daily