Together again! Protests have been reignited in Los Angeles after a black man was shot dead by police

Protests have erupted again in the United States after another black man was shot dead by police. Los Angeles police said on Their Official Twitter account On Monday afternoon that a black man had broken traffic laws by riding a bicycle and fled the scene after police intervened to dissuade him. The man scuffled with officers during the arrest, global News reported. Police say the suspect, who was holding his clothes, punched an officer in the face. Officers found the black man with a black semi-automatic pistol in his clothes, and two officers at the scene opened fire, killing the man at the scene.

The black man was shot several times, but it was not clear exactly where he was shot, Los Angeles police said At a news conference Thursday night. Both officers were shot, and the two officers were not injured in the fight. People were reportedly calling for a protest on Twitter that night, and video footage showed large crowds holding signs at the scene where the black man was shot dead.