The mayor of New York has announced that the city will have alfresco dining throughout the year

New York City mayor Bill DE Blasio announced On September 25 that the city’s coVID-19 epidemic has improved, but New York restaurants will continue to plan for alfresco dining for the long term. The decision is understood to come under increasing pressure from the city council and the city’s struggling restaurants and bars, as well as concerns that indoor eating will continue to be heavily restricted until the COVID-19 epidemic has completely disappeared.

The plan would allow bars and restaurants to set up dining spots in parts of the sidewalk and roadside parking Spaces so they could serve customers. Mr. DE Blasio said it would make life easier for restaurants and bars and would be important to the city’s economic recovery.

Mr. DE Blasio announced back in August that 9,000 restaurants would join the city’s open restaurant program, allowing them to serve meals outdoors. Through the program, the city estimates it has saved about 80,000 jobs. (Xu Tao, CCTV reporter)