The death toll from a residential building collapse in India has risen to 41, including 18 minors September 24, 2008 A three-storey building has collapsed in Thane, in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, foreign media reported. The death toll from the accident has risen to 41, local police said Thursday.

An official said 18 children and teenagers, ages 2 to 15, were among the dead. So far, 25 people have been rescued from the rubble and are being treated in hospital.

Two city officials have reportedly been suspended in connection with the collapse, and the owner of the building has been placed on file. It said the collapsed building had previously been accused of being illegal.

A three-storey block of 40 flats collapsed in the town of Pivendi in Maharashtra early Sunday morning. About 150 people live in the building, according to local officials. The residents were sleeping when the accident happened.