Scientists have found a key switch to suppress the rabies virus

[Scientists find the key switch to suppress rabies virus] the treatment of rabies is a worldwide problem, the mortality rate after the disease is close to 100%, China’s annual death due to rabies in all infectious diseases ranked fourth. Recently, a team of rabies researchers at Huazhong Agricultural University published a paper online in the international academic journal Genome Biology, saying that they have made a new breakthrough in their research on revealing a new mechanism of rabies’ pathogenesis. On September 12, corresponding author of the paper Professor Zhao Ling told reporters that they have finally found the key “switch” to suppress the rabies virus. “This is a study that we continued for five years. Through high-throughput screening and big data analysis, we were the first to find this target.” Zhao says it is a key epigenetic protein (EZH2) and also a switch that controls gene expression downstream. Turn it off, and downstream gene expression increases, thereby inhibiting the rabies virus. (Science Daily, LS)