Oracle confirmed a deal with Bytedance, the owner of TikTok

On September 14, oracle confirmed that it had reached an agreement with TikTok’s Chinese owner bytedance to become its “trusted technology provider,” but that the agreement still needs TO be approved by the US government, after Microsoft confirmed that TikTok had rejected its offer.

“Oracle confirmed Secretary Mnuchin’s statement as part of a proposal bytedance submitted to the Treasury over the weekend in which Oracle will be a trusted technology provider,” oracle said on The 14th.

On CNBC, Mr Qin 14 morning, the U.S. government plans this week to review of the deal, “I’m just from our standpoint, we need to make sure the code is safe, the people of the United States data is safe, telephone information is safe, our technical team is looking forward to working with oracle the ensuing discussion.”

Editor Zhao Tianchen