No more hiding? The Taiwanese army confirmed that it has the Hsiung 2E cruise missile

In the past, The Taiwan defense department has kept secret of the medium-range and long-range assault weapons possessed by the Taiwan army, and has never confirmed the existence of surface-to-surface missiles. However, this year’s and next year’s open budgets of the Taiwan Army have shown that surface-to-surface and cruise missiles can prolong their lives. Su Ziyun, a Taiwanese military scholar, claimed that this phenomenon meant that the Taiwanese army would no longer conceal the existence of counter-weapons, and stressed that the Taiwanese army had the capability of counter-measures.

The Taiwanese army has not long confirmed the existence of surface-to-surface missiles in service. Until the army’s public budget for 2020 lists, in black and white for the first time, the surface-to-surface missile (SURFACE-TO-surface) will undergo an 18-year life-extension test this year. However, the public budget for 2021 released by Taiwan’s defense ministry this year shows the 18-year life extension verification of the Xiongsheng missile, which is the name of the xiongfeng II E cruise missile development program.