Minsheng Bank responds to Zhangzidao’s 90 million Yuan financing: it is not the normal interest payment of the new loan issuing enterprises

Source: China Securities Net

Original title: Response from Minsheng Bank to Zhangzidao’S 90 million Yuan financing: it is not a new loan issuing enterprise that pays normal interest

Has net news (reporter OuYangJianHuan) reported on September 16, minsheng bank, media reports mention of minsheng bank dalian branch to Zoneco Group Co., Ltd. Of the $90 million financing, is not a new minsheng bank loans, as the term loan, guarantee way for land inventory mortgage, the mortgage, the right to use sea areas and offshore the mortgaged property values, normal service enterprises. According to the information of the chattel mortgage registration system under the supervision of the national market, Zhangzidao has recently secured 90 million yuan financing from The Dalian Branch of Minsheng Bank Co., LTD by mortgaging a batch of subsea shrimp scallops.