Lanzhou announced the brucellosis event of animal research Institute: the compensation work for 3,245 people confirmed positive was carried out in batches

Beijing news alerts, according to lanzhou city WeiJianWei site on September 15, November 28, 2019, lanzhou veterinary research of brucella antibody positive after the incident, the lanzhou municipal party committee, municipal government attaches great importance to, in accordance with the unified arrangement deployment, provincial party committee and government, the first set up by the standing committee of the provincial party committee, party secretary li coalesced, vice secretary of municipal party committee and mayor of Donald cheung deputy leader of the lanzhou veterinary research brucella antibody positive events of rehabilitation treatment work leading group, “but six group”, The work Plan for the Territorial Disposal of Brucellosis Antibody Positive Event and the Compensation Plan for the Personnel involved in the Brucellosis Antibody Positive Event of Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute have been formulated to carry out the territorial disposal work. Eleven public medical institutions have been designated as designated hospitals, with green channels and specialized clinics to provide free and convenient health testing and standardized treatment. Health records shall be established for those who have confirmed positive results after provincial review, and specially-assigned persons shall be appointed to carry out monthly health follow-up. At the same time, experts on-site counseling, online counseling, telephone hotline, distribution of brochures and other ways to organize professional and scientific popularization of science and answer questions. By September 14, 2020, a total of 21,847 people had been tested, of whom 4,646 had been preliminarily screened positive, and 3,245 had been confirmed positive by the provincial CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention. Establishment of 3,159 health records; A total of 23,479 people were consulted, 9 on-site lectures on medical treatment were held, and more than 15,000 copies of publicity leaflets were distributed.

On December 26, 2019, the national, provincial and municipal experts joint investigation of the investigation concluded that: “in July 2019 on August 20, 24 solstice, grazing in lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory in veterinary brucella vaccine production process using expired disinfectant, the production of fermentation tank emissions sterilization is not complete, carrying waste gas containing bacteria fermented liquid containing bacteria aerosol formation, production period in the region the main direction for the southeast wind, lanzhou veterinary research in animal husbandry in lanzhou by biological pharmaceutical companies under the direction of the wind, inhaled or mucous membrane produce antibody positive contact, caused by lanzhou veterinary research brucella antibody positive events. This was an accidental incident, an exposure that occurred in a short period of time. According to the investigation results, the provincial and municipal joint investigation team has launched a case-filing investigation against the responsible units in accordance with the law, and investigated the responsibility of the relevant units and personnel in a strict and rapid manner. On January 13, 2020, withdrew in lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory brucella vaccine production license, January 15, withdrew the biological pharmaceutical industry in lanzhou brucellosis vaccine (S2) and brucellosis vaccine (A19 strains) product approval document number, and the cancellation of the biological pharmaceutical industry in lanzhou brucellosis vaccine production workshop production of vaccine products, a total of seven veterinary drug product approval number.

Lanzhou Bio-pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. shut down the brucella vaccine production workshop on December 7, 2019, and released a letter of apology on the company’s website on February 4, 2020. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions, 8 responsible persons to be seriously dealt with. Lanzhou Bio-pharmaceutical Factory said it would learn lessons and actively cooperate with provinces and cities to deal with the aftermath and compensate for the losses.

Provincial health committee organization experts successively formulated the “lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory testing surroundings” treatment “in animal husbandry biological pharmaceutical factory in lanzhou surrounding masses further testing and treatment programme in the lanzhou veterinary research by brucella antibody positive antibody positive events personnel health assessment work plan, the disposal of provides the technical guidance for the event.

At present, the work of dealing with the aftermath is being carried out “in accordance with the law, in a scientific, standardized and orderly manner”.

First, accurate organization of review and evaluation. According to the province “about printing on brucella antibody positive events by lanzhou veterinary research scheme for antibody positive personnel health assessment notice requirements, our city has started on July 16, 2020, concentration of 2 months time, the provincial review confirmation of brucella antibody positive personnel to carry out the second review detection, organized by the city WeiJianWei pulmonary hospital, in batches of events antibody positive personnel, after the second sampling by the provincial center for disease control and prevention for brucella antibody detection, pulmonary hospital, blood routine, liver function test, the results into the personal health records. For the brucella antibody positive persons confirmed by the provincial CDC after the second review, the data will be reviewed by the Chengguan District Health Bureau, and then the municipal Health Commission will report the data of those who meet the assessment conditions, and the provincial assessment expert group will organize national and provincial experts to conduct the health assessment. By 14:00 on September 14, 2020, 2,773 people had been re-examined, and 2,768 feedback results had been received from the provincial CDC. At present, according to the requirement of “one to one”, the evaluation materials of antibody positive people meeting the evaluation standards after re-examination have been sorted out and submitted to the provincial evaluation expert group in batches.

Second, actively publicize popular science knowledge. Actively organize provinces and cities for disease control and prevention, health authority to the beast in lanzhou research and surrounding communities to carry out field by special lectures on the propaganda and education, prevention and control of production of brucella science knowledge publicity exhibition board, continue to extend brucella prevention and treatment of brochures, to set up a fixed-point enquiry point, one-on-one to carry out policy advice and solving puzzles, the implementation of psychological counseling intervention, to eliminate the panic psychological and ideological concerns.

Third, we will earnestly implement compensation and compensation. Strictly review and confirm the information of compensation compensation personnel, ensure the accuracy of personal information, and provide detailed and accurate information ledger for the compensation work by classification. At the same time, reasonably calculate the cost of health testing, health assessment, compensation and other work, and actively urge The Lanzhou Biological pharmaceutical Factory of Zhongmu Industrial Co., Ltd. to implement compensation and compensation funds on time and in full amount, so as to ensure the smooth implementation of compensation and compensation work.

In the next step, the city will comprehensively deal with the aftermath of the implementation of the work. First, we will do a good job in popularizing science. We will further strengthen the popularization of science, carry out targeted popularization of brucella antibody positive science and answer questions, strengthen psychological counseling and humanistic care, and completely eliminate people’s ideological concerns and doubts. Second, scientific organization of reinspection and evaluation. Reinspection and health assessment shall be carried out in an orderly manner. The municipal Health Commission shall submit the health assessment data to the provincial assessment expert group for assessment in batches, and the assessment results shall be reported to the parties in the first time. Third, compensation according to law and regulations. Second after the comprehensive health assessment work, and by the chengguan WeiJian bureau health assessment information to relevant personnel to carry on the classification, and for the related personnel health assessment category, according to the relevant laws and regulations, standards, coordinate, supervise and urge lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory, compensation and compensation work actively compensate compensate works carried out in batches in October, to safeguard the health of the masses’ rights and interests.

Editor Peng Qihang