Japan plans to test foreign athletes at least five times during the Olympics

Overseas network on September 15, local time 15, the Japanese government revealed the Tokyo Olympic Games coVID-19 response plan: foreign athletes will need to undergo at least 5 tests, but also need to submit in Japan’s domestic action plan and oath.

According to Japan’s sankei, foreign athletes first needs to be tested within 72 hours before it arrived in Japan and get negative proof, and then need to arrived at the airport, arrived at trains or event venue, into the Olympic village, and to be tested before the game, in the Olympic village during the period of retention will also be tested regularly.

On the other hand, Japanese athletes also need to be tested at least three times due to the possibility of coming into contact with foreign athletes. The organizing committee will be responsible for testing the Olympic village and venues, while the local government will be responsible for training venues. The organizing committee will also set up an information sharing system to ensure timely updates on the epidemic.

In addition, foreign athletes are allowed to travel within 14 days of their arrival in Japan, but they are required to provide a plan of action and a pledge of intent and mode of movement. In order to ensure the effective implementation of epidemic prevention measures, the organizing committee of the competition will also set administrators in each delegation and punish those who violate epidemic prevention regulations. The plan has been finalized and the Japanese government will decide whether to formally approve it at a meeting next week, the report said. (Xiluo Wang, Overseas)

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