Hong Kong Customs arrests six people in hk $3 billion money-laundering case, the largest in its history

The Hong Kong Customs announced on Thursday that a suspected money laundering case involving more than HK $3 billion of unknown money had been successfully detected under a law enforcement operation code-named “Shadowhunting”, the highest amount ever handled by the Customs of Hong Kong in its type of case.

Senior organized crime bureau of customs supervision Hu Weijun met the media said the actions of the communist party of China arrested 6 local people, including 4 men and 2 women, aged 25 to 62, five of them belong to the same family, they suspected since 2018 has opened more than 100 bank personal account, processing more than 6000 cases of unusual transactions, sums involved of unknown origin more than hk $3 billion.

Mr Hu said the arrests also included a local change shop licensee, where the customs seized a large amount of evidence such as cheque books, business registration certificates of companies and bank statements. He suspected that several companies and unknown persons were using the change shop as a cover for money laundering to evade customs control.

It is learnt that the bank accounts, deposits and properties of all the arrested persons have been frozen, and the change shop licences have been revoked immediately. As the case is still under investigation, more arrests cannot be ruled out in the future.

The department reiterated that money laundering was a serious offence, punishable by a maximum fine of HK $5 million and imprisonment for 14 years. Mr Hu reminded members of the public not to open or lend bank accounts for others as they might be used for illegal purposes.